For those familiar with the F.E.A.S.T. (Furthering Education Arts Science Technology) committee at OWNED, you may already be aware of our frequent attempts to introduce quality information and knowledgeable individuals to our local communities. With that being said; we would like you to meet financial consultant: Jessica Green. Jessica As most older folks may be able to tell you, Life is very Random. One minute you’re fast on your way, going boldly into the future
CUSTOMIZED ROYALTY by OWNED So, what makes you royal? Customized Royalty is here to help you promote that very aspect of yourself and/or your business. What began as Heat press training and Cameo cutting classes at Owned Business Solutions; quickly manifested into its own self sufficient entity. One of the first offspring companies of OWNED as you can tell by it’s name. In under a year, C.R.OWNED was able to yield the ability to
       Diamond Plus has been delivering results since they officially opened in 2005. Their goals are to provide both superior customer experience and tremendous value for all customers, clients, staff and partners alike. Diamond Plus Records Official Partner company of the OWNED Network As a company Diamond Plus Records is here to serve the public in several ways; our main focus is to provide aspiring artist with a place to have their craft manifested. For this
B.O.L.D. is where Working Professionals Promote our Professions, Professors & Predecessors”. Join the B.O.L.D. Network? “Be B.O.L.D.” is a Brand New Networking Platform for quality and proficient Media-Networking, Business Marketing and Promotion of your own items or services as well as yourself. Creating a B.O.L.D. profile today begins a new brand of promotion for all of the information, organizations, clubs, business, products or services you or your associates may have to offer. B.O.L.D. makes it simple for Business owners along with their clients and
        One of the primary issues in our society and culture today is improper financial education and sometimes the overall lack thereof. There are things that as adults we know now however as adolescence we had no knowledge of, things as important as obtaining and managing finances in a reasonable fashion. After all, when you think about it; to a young mind just learning how to acquire things on their own and figuring out how
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       Remember that time you had that Awesome idea to help some needy people in your community get warm clothing, shoes and coats for the winter..? Well, that idea came across our “drawing board” as well, so we did it. But we.., just like you could never do it alone. So, we did the next best thing- we surveyed our own OWNED Network and local community first and instantaneously struck Gold!  Intro Megan Wilmore; Your typical
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As soon as OWNED‘s mission popped up on the non-profit radars of the world, a lot of great people began to reach out. One of the most prominent would have to be Archye Leacock (Executive Director at IDAAY a Greater Philadelphia AreaNonprofit Organization). Introduced to OWNED by Casey Clark (Active member of IDAAY* for 10 plus years) in the spring of 2018, OWNED was able to connect and gain much valuable knowledge as well as connections.
By unchaining ourselves we can actually relink to become stronger more productive participants in our nation’s wellbeing. –James Collick. Symbolic Art: Unchained offers symbolic sculpting of a potent message for our communities at large: becoming unchained from the poverty, burdens, violence and oppression that has plagued our people for generations. By our own hands; we may be free, including economic empowerment. Community Enrichment: By offering the unique art pieces for auctions, community raffles and as
A little team spirit      Ever see those movies where the underdog team is struggling for a comeback and the coach, after one of those thrilling pep-talks; walks into the locker room with brand new uniforms for the players, their morale rises, their spirits get lifted and they run out on to the field in slow motion -going on to win the championship game in style..? No.., never caught that flick? Well anyway, our
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Hey YOU!!        Do you live in a struggling under-privileged community? Are you or any of your family members, friends or neighbors in need of money, work, housing, further education, or any other basic requirement to survive in today’s economy? Does your neighborhood and local community have deprived schools and recreational centers? How about abandoned lots and dangerously dilapidated properties? If you answered yes to any or all of the previous, you may be the kind
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