We don’t get donations often but when we do, they ALWAYS come from kind folks like YOU.

Donate to OWNED:

The next time you’re feeling inspired to do something Awesome for a charitable purpose. Consider OWNED and our mission to change the world, one local community at a time. You can at any moment; make a small donation via our Donate button.

We’re on PayPal (APPLYtheFIX)

        On the right side of our website’s pages, you will find our most popular PayPal donation button. At any moment while inspired you can click “Donate” to help us “APPLY the FIX” or simply –Do more for our communities and the folks within them. Funds donated to owned will be invested equally among all of our currently active committees unless otherwise specified by donator on behalf of one of our specific committees, products and/or services.

And on


       That’s right, we’re hip. If you so happen to be one of those tech-savvy individuals who are always onto the next new digital thing.., well so are we. And as the times change…, so will we. We have been using Cash App to connect with working clients for over a year now and are also able to accept donations and support on the platform as well.