The Formula



A cleverly crafted formula designed to make 10 plus 10 equal 100, every time.

       Before assumptions arise about our mathematical capabilities or lack thereof. Allow me to add some clarity to our “10+10=100” equation: for most aspiring entrepreneurs, some common reasons for not-starting their businesses are usually fears of not having the resources, funds and/or time to pursue the endeavor. With this in mind, we created our “10 percent” formula where we prove that only ten percent of one’s daily/weekly or monthly spare time combined with ten percent of their daily/weekly or monthly income is all that can be provided at any given point to at least begin the production process. The secret, however, is all in the strategic planning of important steps in proper sequence and collective support you will be receiving.

       As the ball begins to slowly roll for the individual, the missing percentages are gradually introduced by repeating the process of allocating small amounts of finances and time then the repeating the previously orchestrated steps accordingly. Once the individual’s idea changes from potential to kinetic and basic motion ensues, OWNED then provides support and assistance by way of resource sharing, solicitation of services, and overall promotion via word-of-mouth and/or other marketing means.