No laughing matter!

     Still, in its conception phase. The L.O.L. committee is by far going to be our favorite committee. At OWNED we support ideas like “Hard work always pays off.” and “Doing Good should never go unnoticed.” With this in consideration, we are consistently reviewing our network and paying close attention to the folks who within embody it. Every now and then a small (but growing…) group of investors get together to decide which hard-working or spirited individual’s life they could change, even if only for a day. This all expenses paid day -courtesy of our partners and sponsors may consist of any or all of the following: childcare, transportation, shopping, lodging, dining, and partying. Kind of like a “Day” cation designed to inspire struggling individuals to continue to work hard, aspire and strive for greatness by uplifting them through quality experiences of which they may not have otherwise had an opportunity to enjoy.