The H.E.R.O. Committee


     Don’t expect to see underwear, tights or capes when we reference our “H.E.R.O.s” however, the services we provide are often nothing less than heroic and the folks we help are indeed often in distress. Oh, and sometimes they are Damsels too.

     So.., what exactly is this whole “H.E.R.O.” thing about? So glad you asked, …only a group of hardworking, future entrepreneurs giving back to their community daily; a handful of brilliantly motivated individuals searching for ways to empower themselves and those around them –this may already include You, just some ordinary folks with grand dreams; each arriving with their own specific talents and/or varying certifications and degrees in specific trades combined with the ability to teach, work, grow and learn together.

     Our team goes over and beyond the call of duty when it comes to satisfying the primary needs of our customers, clients, community, members and partners as well as those of our in-house operators and staff. These are the guys, …and gals in our network who are ready, willing and able to help you finish that to-do list.., finally. The “H.E.R.O.s” are the ones you can reach out to after you’ve been cheated out of your money by some Big Wig company and their out-sourced Human resources department in Quebec or after you have been deserted and left hanging by your girlfriend’s brother’s cousin’s uncle who ruined or left your job half-done, they are the ones that arrive to help you do that thing that you’ve been putting off for one reason or another, repair or renovate that space that’s been sitting for the longest, help you find solutions or as we like to say; “Apply the fix”.


We currently have OWNED vehicles and H.E.R.O.s in and around the Philadelphia area so feel free to drop us a line about your current or upcoming project, renovation, move-out, clean-out or overly difficult, strenuous, time-consuming or otherwise incomplete job you may need help with.

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