Whether you’re up in New York editing your website at one of the Eflat design Studios, mixing down your latest music with Diamond Plus records in Philadelphia, enjoying the view from Paris’ Eifel Tower wearing the latest cotton print fashion from Pare B. clothing, “Bulking” up with Omarr over at You Power Fitness, “Slimming” down with Andrew the “Fit King”, fading those edges with Chuck and the good brothers and sisters down at Major League Barbershop or soliciting any of our many other partners, products and services providers: the energy that you will always feel can only be described in one word: “Love.

     The repeating theme of our clients’ answers, when asked about their experience while building, working or shopping with our network of partners, is usually, “it was all love” or “They showed us much love” and when asked how they appreciate the products and/or services they were provided… the “L” word simply comes up again -so with all of this “Love” going around we decided it’s only right we share some of it with YOU.

     Welcome to the home of OWNED BUSINESS SOLUTIONS, where spreading love and strengthening our communities and its people comes first. If you are in the building phase of an idea and find yourself struggling to keep your dream afloat; we are here to assist, just tell us how we may be of service to you.

When inspiration strikes you, what happens next can be a great defining factor, so here’s a little insight on how you can best take advantage of the moment:

-Grab pen and paper immediately (yes!, I said good old fashion pen and paper).

-Quickly write down or draw up the basic concepts for your new idea (this is only your first draft so relax and allow room for modifications, changes, and other necessary improvements as you go).

-Get a good night’s sleep then revisit and review.

-By morning there will be one of two emotions: “What the heck was I thinking?” which is normal or… Okay let’s face it; you, you didn’t get any sleep. You tried but couldn’t, the new ideas and thoughts racing through your head wouldn’t let you and a part of you didn’t want to.

Congratulations, you’ve just gone into BEAST MODE

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