“COOKing” up Success

“COOKing” up Success

November 2, 2018 Off By Founder


      One of the primary issues in our society and culture today is improper financial education and sometimes the overall lack thereof. There are things that as adults we know now however as adolescence we had no knowledge of, things as important as obtaining and managing finances in a reasonable fashion. After all, when you think about it; to a young mind just learning how to acquire things on their own and figuring out how to get to their first few dollars, storing it for a rainy day isn’t exactly at the top of their list of things to do with it.  For most individuals at this young age; Saving was simply a thing that superheroes did. Well, with that concept in mind, let’s create some superheroes.

       In the spring of 2018 Owned Business Solutions was lucky enough to be involved in the Inception of something great. Working in part with Saloman Rosa and the Urban Affairs coalition, we were able to house the summer classes for their Youth Investors League’s Financial education pilot program. This uniquely designed introductory program under the leadership of Ronald Cook, held daily classes to teach trainees as young as eighteen and nineteen much of the information necessary for becoming and staying financially stable in America nay, in Life!

      Together, we were able to provide these young aspiring individuals in the Philadelphia area an opportunity to come out and make money while learning how to spend, save, manage and control it at the same time.

       Upon completion of the program, students were presented with the ability to teach the same information to other students, classrooms and workshops of their own for continued work after their time at the program itself has ended. Jobs of which become available due to the necessity of the same information to be carried on to peers and future generations. In other words; the students became the teachers, they leave possessing the necessary “powers” to avoid the common pitfalls of financial depression and help reshape the oppressive economic situation of which most of us often find ourselves trapped in due to not having the right information or education early enough.


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