The Give Back

The Give Back

October 22, 2018 Off By Founder

       Remember that time you had that Awesome idea to help some needy people in your community get warm clothing, shoes and coats for the winter..? Well, that idea came across our “drawing board” as well, so we did it. But we.., just like you could never do it alone. So, we did the next best thing- we surveyed our own OWNED Network and local community first and instantaneously struck Gold!

 Intro Megan Wilmore; Your typical hardworking nine to fiver by day. However, When she’s not helping one of her many friends promote one of their many companies and upcoming businesses, Megan also spends available time running her own Model mentoring program to help underprivileged girls in her local area become more professional, career-oriented and motivated while college-bound.

Excited to take the reigns and lead the way on this project she then enlisted the help of sister Desta Wilmore   Part-time Hairstylist and Fashionista, Part-time party and Event planner and Full-time Mom of OWNED’s youngest supporter Jada who you can find at many of our events as well.

Together, by Sunday, October 21st. the ladies were able to reach out to even more of their friends and family members and strangers alike to bring in several large bags of clothing, coats and more. Items of which we were then able to invite our community to come out and get Free of charge. In addition; food was served, conversations and smiles were shared, new relationships were made, our network grew and we raised some funds for our organization. With that said, it’s gonna be a long winter: we’re ready to do it again.

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