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OWNED BUSINESS SOLUTIONS is a constantly growing network of budding entrepreneurs and business owners, community activists and other hardworking individuals who share your similar ambitions and passion towards change. Ready, willing and able to assist you in achieving your dreams and goals, we are simply a community based Non-Profit organization with strong partnerships and working relationships along the East coast and rapidly expanding, here to provide assistance towards personal growth and positive change in underprivileged and often over-looked neighborhoods and communities. Our goal is to lead by example so we arrive with a vast network of intelligent, hard-working, experienced individuals who come from similar struggling environments and have all fought or are currently still fighting the “good fight” to obtain and maintain their own brand of success in today’s society and return to share their wisdom, time and resources with you. Our mission is simply to help occupants of struggling communities apply basic constructive concepts towards the change they seek. This begins the process of acquiring strength in numbers along the way through basic acts like: patronizing and supporting their local businesses, opening and maintaining businesses of their own and last but surely not least: reinvesting gains and profits back into the reconstruction and renovation their communities, it’s schools,businesses, homes and people within it.

Claes Gabriel is a Philadelphia-based artist from Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Gabriel immigrated to the States in 1989 and earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Painting and Sculpture at the Maryland Institute College of Art in 1999. His three-dimensional paintings ring with the spiritual energy of beings from folklore and his own imagined tales, capturing a deified presence in each piece. Inspired by modernists such as Frank Stella and Sam Gilliam, Gabriel’s work lives beyond the confines of a flat wall; he stretches and sews canvases taut over wooden armatures to construct masks and free-standing statues. After considering the natural shape of the piece, Gabriel uses bright acrylics to pull out patterns, eyes, lips, and personality that seem to rise to the surface of their own free will. Gabriel often says he knows a piece is finished when he can bow to it.

FILM… U.” is an organization designed to shine a light on the wonderful world of film and media of which the great city of Philadelphia has to offer. We encompass talent from throughout the local tri-state area and support the hard work of our peers on all levels. We are here to promote the efforts, talents and skill sets of our entire network while meeting and collaborating with like-minded individuals like yourself currently working in and around the city of Philadelphia.


NABACY naturals is most definitely a “parent” company, meaning it was created by parents, their parents and the parents of those parents. In other words; three generations of women from separate families came together and combined their experiences, expertise and knowledge to come up with solutions to many reoccurring issues they come across involving the health and beauty process of themselves as women and mothers. The primary focus evolved into and how to care for their future generation in better ways and what to tell them on behalf of maintaining good health, hygiene and beauty. The INSPIRATION: The desire to find healthier all natural products that would satisfy each of their individual skincare, hair and beauty needs without compromising their body and/or health. The GOAL: To gather ideas as well as information for a product they could use and share among other family members and Friends within their communities. The RESULT: NABACY naturals and their cast of healthy products you can trust in. “Here’s to your health… and beauty” -Mama G.



Many options in life, choose ONE!

ONElife-Natural Blend Juices Coming Soon!!!

The “H.E.R.O.” Tee…………….$19.99

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Beauty and the F.E.A.S.T.

By Founder

For those familiar with the F.E.A.S.T. (Furthering Education Arts Science Technology) committee at OWNED, you may already be aware of…

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Time to get C.R.OWNED

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CUSTOMIZED ROYALTY by OWNED So, what makes you royal? Customized Royalty is here to help you promote that very…

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The “Diamond” Difference

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       Diamond Plus has been delivering results since they officially opened in 2005. Their goals are to provide both superior customer…

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B.O.L.D. is where Working Professionals Promote our Professions, Professors & Predecessors”. “Be B.O.L.D.” is a Brand New Networking Platform for quality and proficient Media-Networking,…

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“COOKing” up Success

By Founder

        One of the primary issues in our society and culture today is improper financial education and sometimes the overall…

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The Give Back

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       Remember that time you had that Awesome idea to help some needy people in your community get warm clothing,…

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The Right “IDAAY”

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As soon as OWNED‘s mission popped up on the non-profit radars of the world, a lot of great people began…

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By unchaining ourselves we can actually relink to become stronger more productive participants in our nation’s wellbeing. –James Collick. Symbolic…

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Looking the Part

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A little team spirit      Ever see those movies where the underdog team is struggling for a comeback and…

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Applying the Fix!

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Hey YOU!!        Do you live in a struggling under-privileged community? Are you or any of your family…